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  1. You need to either use Daemon Tools to open it, or burn to a CD. That’s what the ISO file is all about anyway – it’s meant to be burned to a CD.


  2. I did burn it to cd but it would not open the files. I then used Solid Works to open it. Unfortunately there are no assembly instructions.It only shows templates and they have no measurements listed.

  3. The documentation is under the “pdf files” directory. It’s called “series one manual-v1_large.pdf” At 44MB, it’s kind of hard to miss.

    The DXF files will open in any 2D CAD program. I have no idea what SolidWorks would make of them.


  4. There are 7 sheets that are nothing but templates.There is no pdf files directory in your download posted.

  5. The ISO file (series_one_donationware.iso) has the following directories:
    CAD Drawings – DXF files
    Images – the un-resized images used in the manual +others
    pdf files – documentation and full size printable part sheets

    It also contains the file “donation-ware readme.txt”

    The ISO file is over 350MB. If you don’t have any of this, I suggest you download the ISO image again. I just did myself to make sure it was ok.


  6. I downloaded the file again and I can see all of the drawings but there is no part sheets or assembly instructions nor any pdf files.

  7. Please list what directories & files you can see on the CD. I downloaded it again on another machine and opened it up using Daemon Tools-lite. There’s nothing missing.


  8. Here is what each file says. DIY Cockpit plan.
    It says this 8 times. The last 3 files are supplemental files. But all are templates.

  9. That’s the contents of the zip file in the CAD drawings directory. What about the files in the “images” and “pdf files” directories?


  10. There is no pdf files directory. Thanks anyway but I really can’t be bothered trying to find and open these files.Besides , I found what I am looking for elsewhere.Thank you for your time.

  11. The ISO has been verified as good by a number of people using both Linux & Windows systems.

    When you learn how to properly manipulate an ISO file, I’ll be here to answer any questions on the material you may have.



  12. I downloaded your plans last night, and while the ISO reads fine, about half the .png/.jpg images and all the DXFs give an “invalid format” error, to the point that windows won’t even copy them into a new folder.

    I’m currently re-downloading the iso and I’ll let you know if the problem persists.

    Anyway, thanks a bunch for these files. I was planning to draw my own plans to build my cockpit, but this way I can save a lot of time and effort and instead I will concentrate on building accurate instruments and controls(I will release the plans to the community once they’re up and working, but I expect to spend at least a couple of years ironing out all the bugs)

  13. Yes, but the server is currently….erm.. contemplating its navel at the moment. When I get home I’ll reboot it. 🙂


  14. Gene,

    I found a small shop here in Baton Rouge that offers they’re CNC services. I spoke to the HNIC over there & he said he’d love to help me out on this as “in no way can it be as exciting as cabinet doors”. I picked up on the sarcasim, needless to say they’re thrilled to have the project.

    Quick questions.
    I’ve downloaded the ISO file, I’m at work now. I’m assuming all the files he needs to help me out are in there?
    Second. Other than assembling, that should be all cutting needed correct? Don’t have the scratch to put on the power tools needed so I was hoping to have just assembly after the CNC process.

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