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Yep.  Another one.

I’ve always been dissatisfied with the design compromises I made with the Series One cockpit.  It was “109-ish”, but not as good as it could have been.  Life events and other projects have consumed my time and I never thought I’d get around to creating as good a design as I knew I could have.  Well that all got turned on its head last year when a friend of mine from Australia started throwing CAD drawings at me for Bf-109 parts.

He started small.  “Have a few instrument panel drawings”, he says.  I should’ve known better.  My first “uh oh” moment came when he sent me some Bf-109K4 panel drawings.  It turns out that due to war shortages of aluminum, the companies building the Bf-109K4 (and some G marks) were using wood for the instrument panels!  I also learned that the Bf-109K4 as well as the G models used a three part panel.  There was an upper casting (carving?) that held the SZKK3 ammo counters, the gunsight mount, clock and MG151 lamps.  The lower panel contained “misc” instruments and the third component held the “blind flying” instruments.

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