11 comments on “Oh god, ANOTHER one?!

  1. WTH?? WTF??? FAR Too many neat things coming from this workshop…..


    1 – Gene NEVER sleeps.
    2 – Gene is actually triplets
    3 – Gene’s workshop is actually a dormitory for Gene clones. Many, MANY Gene clones
    4 – Gene has a time machine and a future Gene sends project work back in time because the future workshop is too crowded.
    5 – ???

  2. Hi Gene,
    Really nice work, look forward to seeing it progress.
    How is Castar going?.

  3. Owner of the panel is Dominikus hausmann, lives in munich. send me a PM for his contact details

  4. Hello from a Bf-109 fanboy looking to possibly make a replica cockpit for flight simulators in the future, was wondering if you still have the 3d model files for the windscreen and panel pieces, and if you’d be willing to share. my email: flybike173@gmail.com
    Btw it looks fantastic!!
    – Dylan

  5. I AM willing to share, just not yet. Sorry! At some point I’m going to release all the CAD files for the whole cockpit. No eta though. 🙁

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