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  1. Gene, many thanks for the idea and just received my OSH PARK PCB’s. I am having trouble in getting the male pins into the thru-holes for the Pro-Micro. The holes are smaller when compared to the others in the Pcb.


  2. Luis, I assemble them using “machined pin” chip sockets that also require machined pins to be on the Arduino itself. I don’t use the stock .100 pins that they’re shipped with because they tend to ruin “cheap” chip sockets.

  3. Thanks for the important info, I hope they are the ones you have in the links of your post? I ordered quite a few.


  4. Luis, you’re going to have to refresh my memory – what links are you referencing?


  5. just saw your note, meant Hansen Hobbies link.
    I am trying to use the MMJoy2 to rebuild my 737 CDU keyboard.

  6. Search google for “machined pin header” and look at the 2nd or third row of images (the non-sponsored ones). That’s what machined pin sockets & headers look like. Those are only used for the Arduino, not the axis, row and column connections.

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