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I finally found a spare moment to make some adjustments to the pitch & roll gimbal I designed for the Bf-109K4 project. Below is a rendering of the 2nd revision of the major components in the pitch & roll axis assembly.  The one shown in the later photos is revision 5.  This whole gimbal assembly […]

I was flipping through new messages over on SimHQ’s cockpit builder forum and someone had posted a link to this model:   I downloaded it and converted the part files to STL and threw it at my SeeMeCNC Artemis 300 printer.  The results are below! The model feels really good in my hand and […]

As I mentioned before, the instrument panel on the Bf-109K4 (and some G models) consists of three parts.  An upper “casting”, a main panel and a blind flying panel. Since I had the day off today, I took a little time to get some work done before it got too hot in the shop to […]

Yep.  Another one. I’ve always been dissatisfied with the design compromises I made with the Series One cockpit.  It was “109-ish”, but not as good as it could have been.  Life events and other projects have consumed my time and I never thought I’d get around to creating as good a design as I knew […]

For a while now I’ve wanted to replace the crappy, noisy pots that I’d used in my Jentron MK2 gimbal that was in the 109F/X #0 cockpit.  They were so bad that it was impossible to use the gimbal for flight at all. The best way to replace a mechanical potentiometer is to use a […]

Well the last post was “Projectors! Projectors! Projectors!”  This one was nearly called, “Projectors! Projectors, Proj..wait, what?” When I was first planning for the projectors, I did some research on what kind of LCD panel would be both affordable and suitable.    This led me to a web forum run by Lumen Lab – they at […]

The goal was to be able to “fly” the 109F/X by the end of the year.  I didn’t make it unfortunately.  However, things are looking good for a 1st week of 2010! First up, here’s the completed edge-lit panel for the left sub-panel: The only problem with the panel is due to a “mid-course” design […]

I decided when I finished my cockpit, I was going to call it an Me-109F/X.  This way I could get away with filling the panel with modern goodies. This includes a glass cockpit display.  In order to do this, I needed to rebuild an existing 15″ LCD panel so it would mount properly in the […]

The past few weeks have seen more work on my Me-109-like simulator cockpit. Here’s a few pictures of the new seat that was designed & built in a couple of days. 🙂 The seat is made with 3/4″ AC plywood and is held together with pocket screws.  The cushions are 2″ foam with a 1/4″ […]

Barring a massive design error, the image below shows the two types of instrument panels you can make in your DIY cockpit. The two available instrument panel designs. The panels don’t differ that much.  The one on the right is the original design that I did, the one on the left is more “109-ish” with […]