2 comments on “Damn, this thing looks cool….

  1. Hello Gene,

    wonderfull job. Your BF 109 cockpit looks awesome.
    Will you install insruments?
    With the closed canopy the view will be reduced like in the real thing….

    Do you think it would be possible to make the instrument work with the series of games IL-2 Sturmovick???

    I’m lkooking forward to see more pictures and I will build a cockpit of the BF 109 if I can make it run for IL-2..

    Best Regards from far…


  2. The view is very similar to what you’d experience in a Bf-109. There are some differences though – the cockpit wasn’t designed to be 100% scale. I chose the Bf-109 because it was a design that would be easy for folks to build.

    The instruction manual won’t include instructions on outfitting the interior – that’s up to the individual builder. There’s no reason you couldn’t use one of the existing IL2 utilities to drive an LCD monitor positioned behind the instrument panel.

    Thanks for your comments!


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