5 comments on “Skinned throttle quadrant!

  1. I had a good idea while looking at your page. To save lot of hand work. Why not go to the office supply store and buy a roll a dex holder Itmight save a lot of work and the curved cover is already bent and the shaft is already there. It might be a little small but why not give it a try.

  2. I actually moved away from the metal enclosure and used a sheet of ABS plastic.
    I laser cut slots into it for the control arms and then bent it over the throttle quadrant using a heat gun. It worked perfectly. A Rolodex lid would be pretty difficult to work with, especially considering it wouldn’t have fit the existing assembly. Cost would be a factor as well – a large Rolodex is going to be $20+, whereas the 1/8″ thick sheet of ABS I used was ~$5 (in 2009).

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