7 comments on “More throttle quadrant progress.

  1. Hi, thats looking really good, I hadnt seen this design before. I am going to to a p38 quadrant and this looks a lot easier then gearing for a standard pot.

    What size slider are you using? Ps I am envious that you have the shopbot, I am halfway through a 4×4 cnc router so I am doing this one by hand!


  2. Jason, the slide pot is a 60mm pot.

    I’ve got a template in the works for adapting the grip of a Saitek X45 throttle to the BRFS throttle quadrant. Hopefully I’ll get something done on that this coming week.


  3. I don’t know how I came across this but it’s really cool. I used to dream of doing stuff like this in the 90s, make a 1:1 F/A18 cockpit and have it 6″ off the ground in my warehouse so you had to climb in on a ladder. No ware house and no time these days, I’ll just watch!

  4. At the time it was wired into to a Beta Innovations Plasma MM2 controller. Any controller would work though. (Leo Bodnar’s stuff, a Teensy, etc.)

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