Museum tour     by  Gene Buckle
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This is the end of a Cruise Missle you do NOT want to see while it's in flight.  If you do, promptly place your
head between your knees and....  well, you know the rest. :)

Here's the other side Justin. :)

If the computer is the tool of the modern executive, these are the tools for the modern fighter pilot.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the AIM-9 Sidewinder Air To Air Missile.
(and Justin, it's mounted on the right wing, right outboard station of your F4.)

This is the business end of the A-12/SR-71 jet engine.  You do NOT want to be anywhere in the vicinity of either end
of this engine while it's running. You're either barbecued or FOD at that point. :)

What is this world coming to?  Children flying spy planes?  Oh the horror!
This SR-71 was damaged in a crash in 1968.  Since that spastic McNamera demanded that all the part molds and tooling
be destroyed for the SR-71, this airframe sat for years until the nose was finally cut off a few years ago and turned
into a static display.

This is a picture of the ejection seat as found in the rear of the F/A-18L manufacturers demonstration model.

Here is another view of the same seat.

Here is the seat as viewed from the front.

Here is the top of the forward bang-seat.  It's in much better shape.