Museum tour     by  Gene Buckle
Page 3

Here is another shot of the forward seat in the F-18

Here is the forward cockpit.  As you can see, someone's crotchling has torn out the castle switch from the flight stick.

This is the left MFD in the F-18 cockpit.  As you can see, the fuel indicators are just silkscreened plastic.
The entire cockpit is made of wood and aluminum.

Here's another shot of the forward instrument panel.  I *think* this is part of the INS, but I'm sure Napalm will
correct me.  (Hi Mike!)

This my friends is the cockpit of an SR-71.  As far as I know, this and the following images of the SR-71 are not
available anywhere outside the Air Force.

This is the forward instrument panel of the SR-71.  Notice that the flight stick uses the common B-8 grip
that is found in many fighters of the time.

Here's another shot of the forward IP and the flight controller.

This is the left side console showing the throttle quadrant and other controls.  Everything is encased in plexiglass to keep peoples crotchlings from damaging the cockpit.

This is but a few of the many aircraft in the museum.  The silver fuselage in the lower portion of the frame is a
US Air 737 fuselage that's going to be turned into a theatre.  Unfortunately, they won't let me salvage the cockpit
parts. :)