Building Recreational Flight Simulators is complete!

Mike Powell’s new book, “Building Recreational Flight Simulators” has been sent off to the publisher!  This book is the much anticipated sequel to “Building Simulated Aircraft Instrumentation”.

Keep an eye on Mike’s Flight Deck website for price and availability.  The completed books are due to arrive some time in August.

Way to go Mike!

5 Responses to “Building Recreational Flight Simulators is complete!”

  1. stuart goldhawk says:

    Have found a site for the 737 throttle ,look pretty good
    seems to be a technical site, but your throttle looks great, just wonder how it is interfaced

  2. A question. I would like to put a simpit into a set of gimbals so there is the capacity to yaw, roll and pitch. This, if my dream is to work, is coupled to a RC with camera that reflects image back to simpit and the two are tied together so I would fly the RC and the simpit would respond in concert with the flight. Has anyone developed such a system?

  3. admin says:

    I’ve never heard of it being done, but it does sound like a real quick way to induce simulator sickness. There’s no practical way to keep the motion onset cues in sync with what you’re seeing via the video camera on the model plane.


  4. Have got two of Mikes books. They are first class and very detailed. If you are planning to build a home cockpit these are a must. They are very technical especially the aircraft instrument one. But there are some great projects in there.

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