Simple 16 input board for EPIC

In reworking the wiring for the F-15 simulator, I’ve decided to neaten it up with some custom circuit boards using the PCB Isolation Routing routine.

I’ve developed a simple 16 input board that connects to the EPIC primary interface board and uses screw terminals to make wiring easy.

I’ll be uploading the board files when I’ve tested them.  Until then, here’s what it looks like:


I should have the first board made on Saturday.

[Updated 26Jun09]

A run-in with the H1N1 flu virus pretty much scrapped that weeks’ work.  I hope to get back to it tomorrow.

2 Responses to “Simple 16 input board for EPIC”

  1. sam says:

    interesting BUT the most tripping issue is programing the micro controller..
    good luck

  2. admin says:

    Sam, there is no “microcontroller” involved. The board is designed to connect to an R&R Electronics EPIC interface.


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