[simpits-chat] Dr. Fun III

Stig Joergensen simpits-chat@simpits.org
Thu, 13 Mar 2003 16:52:26 +0100

Not to sound to "know it all" and not to put even more fuel on this
topic.... but i have to say this, as im a bit undeceive about a war
against Iraq...

The reason for being undeceive is the following :

1) US seams to policing every body, but only will they intervene if
there "way of live" (here i mean in the Iraq case - oil) is threatened -
which is not acceptable - either you are a policeman or you are not - so
you will have to choose.

2) A war have very high civilian casualties, that is not acceptable
either - so war must be the very last way out, so as long as there are
hope in the diplomacy  and weapon inspectors are making progress, let
the inspectors do there job, but keep the pressure on Iraq, and dont set
a time frame that you know isnt fair for anybody (like on the 1st set a
deadline of 17. - no body will eat that....)

3) I agree that Sadam have had to much leeway, and must be stopped, but
there are alternatives means to accomplish this....

4) if you look at history, almost every conflict starts with religion
(there are a few exceptions), but when its escalate into a WW, the
religion disappears simply because of number of players otherwise some
of the alliances we have seen throughout history could not have been
made, ask your self - why is US an Israel friends? this could not be the
case if it was pure religion......

5) Bush junior - well - if dad could, so can I, try to hear him speak -
he is just a puppet (Sorry, no disrespect meant or intended, but just an

6) the cols war is over, hence a more or less stable situation is over,
and out came a more "nervous" world, where everybody is on edge and it
only takes a little to tip the scale....

this is enough form me - ill go back to the shadows again.....

Sorry if offended anybody, that was not the purpose of this mail - it
was simply to say - MAKE LOVE NOT WAR - and there are always 2 sides to
every story


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