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Religious JUSTIFICATIONS I'd never argue. Of course they're justifying their 
actions using their religion (or at least their own personal version). But 
let me ask you this: (and I really do want to know what you think, as I'm 
not an expert here and am more than willing to be proven wrong) Do you think 
those suicide bombers are attacking Israelis because they are jewish, or 
because what they consider their territory is occupied by the Israilis? That 
there is the difference between a religiously MOTIVATED war and a political 
one. I've always been of the understanding that they are fighting for the 
territory - but again, if I'm wrong, let me know. You'd have more info on 
this one than I.

As for the deal 2 years ago, I'm not all that familiar with it, but I can 
take one guess... You said "part" of Jerusalem. Again, I'm not real sure, 
but it seems like from what I've heard they really want ALL of Jerusalem 
back, and naturally the Israelis are unwilling to relinquish. So perhaps 
that is part of the reason they rejected it. Or perhaps this is just a war 
they dont particularly care to see end anytime soon without the destruction 
of Israel? You tell me.

Again, I'm not going to argue that all sorts of nasty, ugly stuff, wars 
included, have been "justified" by religion. All I'm saying is the causes 
are usually much more complicated than that. If a person wants to justify a 
crime or a war with religion, that's the persons fault, not the religions.


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As for the Israeli conflict - 2 years ago we offered them 98% of the
territory and part of Jerusalem and a few other things i can't recall now,
they rejected it !!! , and if you see unbiased news you'll see that all of
the suicide bombings are followed by religious letters and all the sounding
nations Muslims are justifying the acts for religious reasons.


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