[simpits-chat] Website update...

Gene Buckle simpits-chat@simpits.org
Mon, 14 Jul 2003 20:09:54 -0700 (PDT)

> By the way I typed SIMPITS into the ebay search engine and did not find any
> of your auctions. Please send me a link to just one of your auctions and Ill
> go take a look.

You need to hit the checkbox that will search titles AND descriptions.
Here's a link:


> sticks out into the cockpit. You can fix the optics ( or rob can) and you
> can have new glass made for the Combiner assembly. Rember to use single
> surface mirrors and anti-glare glass on your optics and you will avoid
> "ghosted" double images.

I've got the original glass and if the optics are good, I'll send a sample
to Matt W.  He thinks he can find out what the coating is so I can have a
new set made correctly.

> I have had several of those nice Radio assemblies that goes on the front of
> the PDU, so I know what you got, and that will top off the PDU nicely.
Let me know if you want to part with one.  The new one I have had the
channel select knob on the far left broken off in shipping.

> Just a teaser on good hunting lately:
> T-38 cockpit ( front and aft) came in right before I went to Paris Airshow
> T-37 cockpits ( full up complete from Link Simulators) are almost here
> Complete F-111E AMP Crew Module will be picked up later this week ( this
> makes Three the total number of complete capsules, and five total capsules
> in collection)
> 500lbs of new F-111and F-16 instrumentation
> Two more ACES II's
> One more Stencel Ejection Seat
Pics!  Pics!

> When it rains it pours.....

Yep. :)

I'm still looking for an SFS box, a grip and a fuel indicator panel.
Keep your eyes peeled please. :)