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By the way I typed SIMPITS into the ebay search engine and did not find any
of your auctions. Please send me a link to just one of your auctions and Ill
go take a look.
The PDU means the pilots display unit, and I meant the part that actually
sticks out into the cockpit. You can fix the optics ( or rob can) and you
can have new glass made for the Combiner assembly. Rember to use single
surface mirrors and anti-glare glass on your optics and you will avoid
"ghosted" double images.
I have had several of those nice Radio assemblies that goes on the front of
the PDU, so I know what you got, and that will top off the PDU nicely.
Just a teaser on good hunting lately:
T-38 cockpit ( front and aft) came in right before I went to Paris Airshow
T-37 cockpits ( full up complete from Link Simulators) are almost here
Complete F-111E AMP Crew Module will be picked up later this week ( this
makes Three the total number of complete capsules, and five total capsules
in collection)
500lbs of new F-111and F-16 instrumentation
Two more ACES II's
One more Stencel Ejection Seat

When it rains it pours.....


Send the link to your auctions, Id love to see what you are selling!

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> > Great update, and congradulations. Nothing is more fun than finding
> > golden jewels. Even the PDU portion of the HUD seems very salvagable. I
> Are you referring to the upper half with the UHF radio on it?  If so, I've
> got a brand new one (well rebuilt from depot) to replace it.  I'm going to
> have Peter Cos make a new lower lightplate for me - he's a master at it.
> :)
> > had a good couple of weeks and this week should top it all off. I will
> > the group know all that has happend later this week.
> Cool.
> > Take more pictures!
> >
> I'm working on it.  I spent most of saturday taking pics for the auctions.
> :)
> g.
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