[simpits-chat] Framed

Stig Joergensen simpits-chat@simpits.org
Tue, 18 Feb 2003 22:07:15 +0100

Brian - Sorry to hear about your trouble

The most likely thing that happened is one of 3 things....

1) you had a virus at that time....

2) someone used your computer, and send a mail from there - not that
hard to do without leaving any trace (any decent computer geek can do by
the use of telnet, which is installed as a standard thing on any windowz
computer), and if you have win98 at that time there is no way of trace
it... the best you could do is get a copy of the smtp server log, and
the original mail (header and all) this way we might help - but anything
we might come up with from these logs might be considered inconclusive
as i just said; any half-way-wanna-be-geek-script-kiddy-im-a-big-hacker
can do it

3) a hardcore hacker spoofed your ip address and used his own machine
for the "crime"

i've listed the possibilities (if it was a mail used to subscribe, but
even telnet can be used to do internet browsing) as i see them and the
priority where 1 is most likely and 3 the least likely.....

if you can get the log files and email, i can try to help..... but i
suspect that you are seriously fubar.... Sorry

ohh also secure the "temporary internet files" - zip (and retain the
timestamps) the directory and be careful not to touch the timestamp of
the files.....

but i need more info on how the subscription was done and what have
happened to your mashine since the subscription if im to be any


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> Hey Guys,
> This is way OT, even for the chat list, but I need some 
> serious advice here.