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Also, most universities have some sort of legal aid available.  I would
seriously consider looking into this as this could really tarnish your
school record and haunt you on down the line.  Make sure to clear your name
completely.  I agree with Gene, any half dimwit could have subscribed her to
that mailing list.  Go in there with the options that have been listed and
prove to them that anyone could have done this and that there is no way for
you to prove that you didn't do this.  Just because it came from your IP
doesn't mean you did it.  If someone mails a pipe bomb or hate letter and
puts your return address on the envelope, does that mean you sent it?  No.
You really need the logs and temp files to find out when it was sent and
hopefully you can prove that you were no where near your computer when it
happened.  That's about the only way I could see that you could prove
yourself innocent.  I wish I could be more help.  


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Hey Guys,

This is way OT, even for the chat list, but I need some serious advice here.

Thursday the school shut off my network connection, and told me to go to the

deans office. I thought I had been busted for copyright violations (mp3s), 
but today I got my official letter stating the charges:

Sexual harassment and computer misuse/fraud.

Talk about a wake-up call!!! Anyway, I had a meeting today at 2:30 to 
discuss the sitation, where they provided me with the evidence against me. 
Someone subscribed the dean of students to a raunchy mailing list, and they 
traced the subscribing command back to my IP. So here's my question:

How possible/likely would it be for someone to either spoof my IP in the 
subscription request, or hack my computer and make the subscription from 
there? I was running '98 at the time (I dual boot), but I do not have 
outlook or any other mail programs installed. So, what's your technical 
oppinion? I know I didn't do it, but I'm hoping to come up with some 
evidence to support my theories. My hearing is 2:30 on Thursday (EST).

All help appreciated!

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