[simpits-chat] First solo flight

Andreas Fransson simpits-chat@simpits.org
Fri, 27 Sep 2002 07:07:02 +0200

Thanks Ben! :)

I know exactly what you mean about the perfect manouvering - I did some of
my best takeoffs and landings on my solo flights. I did two more last night
again btw, earning me my C diploma. That means in plain English that I can
fly solo any time, under the supervision of a flight instructor. On a side
note, with today's rules, the instructor doesn't even have to be on the
field. It's enough that he/she is reachable by phone! Sounds a bit dangerous
if you ask me...

http://valhallainc.no-ip.com (new addy!)

From: "Ben Jones" <bjones@pipecomp.com.au>
> Congratulations , on the excellent achievent its a big midstone in your
flying career
> I can still recolect my first solo flight in a blanik L13 glider like it
happened this morning, saddly it was about 8 years ago when i was 15 yrs old
> the memory will live on forever
> the best flight is when you can go out and do your first aero's session
solo over the airfield and land ,with your instructor watching from the
ground perched in a trusty directors chair, when i did this i think i did
the mose perfect manovoures that i ever had done , and still to date i am
trying to get mack to my old standard.
> congrats again on a big achievement
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