[simpits-chat] First solo flight

Ben Jones simpits-chat@simpits.org
Thu, 26 Sep 2002 18:24:55 +0800

Congratulations , on the excellent achievent its a big midstone in your flying career

I can still recolect my first solo flight in a blanik L13 glider like it happened this morning, saddly it was about 8 years ago when i was 15 yrs old .....

the memory will live on forever

the best flight is when you can go out and do your first aero's session solo over the airfield and land ,with your instructor watching from the ground perched in a trusty directors chair, when i did this i think i did the mose perfect manovoures that i ever had done , and still to date i am trying to get mack to my old standard.

congrats again on a big achievement



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From: Andreas Fransson [mailto:andreas.fransson@post.utfors.se]

Hi all,

I'm just too excited to let this pass without telling you guys. I had my
first solo flight last night! It is only a glider, but it was still sooo