[simpits-chat] First solo flight

Andreas Fransson simpits-chat@simpits.org
Fri, 27 Sep 2002 07:07:00 +0200

Thanks Thomas!

I have seen airbourne pictures from the alps, and I am nothing short of
jealous of you! *lol* Let's just say that the landscape is ... slightly more
interesting than here. The immediate surroundings of our airport are fields
and a few small forests. It's all flat. Not even a small hill in sight... We
don't get much wave riding here - only thermals. But they are good ones, on
the other hand.

http://valhallainc.no-ip.com (new addy!)

From: "Höltschi Thomas" <HoltschT@ch.sibt.com>
> Congratulation!
> I know this is a great moment. The same was as I had the chance to fly a
> Cessna over the Swiss alps.
> Thomas