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I know this is a great moment. The same was as I had the chance to fly a
Cessna over the Swiss alps.


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Hi all,

I'm just too excited to let this pass without telling you guys. I had my
first solo flight last night! It is only a glider, but it was still sooo

Background; I have been taking glider lessons for the past month now. We
have been doing double command flights up until last night, when the weather
was calm enough to make me, and Martin my "coach", confident enough to let
me go up alone.

Takeoff was totally uneventful. I towed to 650 meters (2000 ft, give or take
a little), and released. I circled back down to mother earth, and landed.
The landing was maybe just a little bit hard, but still good. No jumping.

Oh, almost forgot - It's an ASK 21 i have been flying mostly. I have three
or four takeoffs in a Bergfalke (old German design), and two in a Duo
Discus. The ASK is my favourite by far.

So.... Now there's only half the lessons left, and the theory classes, and
the radio classes. ;) Almost there..... *lol*

<rant mode off>

Well there goes. Now that I have that off my chest I will let you guys get
back to your pit building. :)

http://valhallainc.no-ip.com (new addy!)

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