Flight Safety/Boeing training center tour   by  Gene Buckle
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This is the center console of the 777 Cockpit Procedures Trainer. From top to bottom, left to right, you can see:
Left stab trim indicator, emergency fuel cutoff switches(?), fuel cutoff switches, right stab trim indicator.
Comm/Nav radio 1, engines 1 and 2 fire handles, Comm/Nav radio 2 The middle unit is the Flight Management System.  I'm not 100% sure on the rest.

This is the lower portion of the 777 center console.  You can see the rudder trim controls & indicator as well as the phone the pilots use to communicate with the flight attendants.  The green indicator marked "UNLKD" is for locking and unlocking the cabin door.

This is the middle of the forward instrument panel of the 777.  You can see the upper EICAS panel that shows the engine instruments as well as the "backup" ADI, Altimeter and HSI.  What's really unique here is that even the backup instruments are 100% electronic.  They're actually miniature screens, although I don't know if they're CRT or LCD displays.

This picture I just couldn't resist taking.  There was a conference going on with *huge* security measures being taken.
I overheard that no cell phones were even allowed in the conference room.  You're looking at a picture of a 747 with
some kind of huge laser in the nose firing at (I assume, based upon background graphics) some kind of missile.
This is good news for you 747 builders out there since it's now officially acceptable to have air to air combat in your
lumbering passenger airplane. :)

I really hope you've enjoyed these pages.  The tour was fun, although it was very hurried and lacking in any details
that we as cockpit builders are after.  I hope to return to the facility in the coming weeks to be able to do a serious
study of one of the many training cockpits they have on the premises.  I seriously doubt I'll have any choice of what
I get to use as the subject, but I'm hoping for a 737NG or a 737-800.

Gene Buckle
April 25th, 2000

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