Hardware Information, Suppliers & Support

Mike’s Flight Deck Books

Home of Building Simulated Aircraft Instrumentation.  A great reference!

PHCC (PIC HomeCockpit Controller)

Fully Open Source hardware interface!

Beta Innovations Software/Documentation Mirror

Software & Hardware documentation on the now-defunct Beta Innovations line of hardware interface products.

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  1. […] added a new page where links to hardware suppliers and information will reside.  It’s called Hardware Information, Suppliers & Support and can be found in the column to the […]

  2. Howard Christian says:

    hi guys, can anyone point me to where I might be able to pickup items like lining accessories. Airvents, Map Holders, Cup holders, Grab Handles etc.
    All the little bits & pieces.

    Also, can anyone tell me exactly what all the various holes are around the cockpit roof lining. I don’t know if they are air vents or lighting or what some of these are but they are some wierd shapes.


  3. Petri Toivonen says:

    How about designing PHCC like motherboard around PIC18F2550/4550 or similar USB ready chip? It is a pain in the ass to get FTDI chips because all of those arduino hobbyists, and FTDI chips are also expensive. In Finland i mean.

  4. Carlos Santos says:

    I have several acesII seat quick disconnect valves from F16A Portuguese version, have been replaced with new and inproved models. going to post them in ebay for sale. anyone interested pls email for detais.

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