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Sean Galbraith sean.g at paradise.net.nz
Tue Feb 3 06:51:43 PST 2004

> > Isn't that the whole idea of Superbowl Sunday? Watch the game and down a
> > couple of "quiets"?
> > (or is my US_sitcom_based concept of standard American life way off the
> > mark <lol> )
>Nope, sounds about right. In that respect, anyway. Although most of us don't
>spend all day hanging around in coffee shops and yet still have the money to
>afford a gigantic New York apartment. (wouldn't "Friends" be so much better
>if they were all crammed into a 200sqr ft studio? Muhahahaha)

Would that be something like a series of "Survivor" where they actually 
*had* to survive?

Of course here in NZ we have a warped sense of cost... I mean where I live 
we bought a 5 bedroom house on a 1/4 acre plot, for under NZD$90,000....

Ahh, the advantages of living in the sticks <evil grin> ...downside is, 
it's a hike to town, and we don't get much in the way of TV reception (had 
to invest in Satelite TV...)  But then no-one complains about the noise 
coming from the garage at 2am...

> > Chat away... we don't mind here... although I *did* notice that you didn't
> > raise this subject on the "tech" list.... wuss :)
>Sorry, I'm just checking my to-do list, and I see that "Soliciting personal
>attacks from humorless members of simpits tech list" isn't on there...

Were is you sense of adventure? huh?  Probably a smart move in reality <lol>

> > Except in winning the superbowl it would appear!  <lol>
>And with comments like that, you're LUCKY you're on the other side of the
>world! ;D

Luck has nothing to do with it.... I blame my great-grandparents.

Sean. (lock-wired in auto-waffle)
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