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Sean Galbraith sean.g at paradise.net.nz
Wed Nov 19 06:34:10 PST 2003

>i have about 6.5 hours flying the ct4, but at the time of flying it i never
>had a CSU endorsement on my licemce so i couldn't legally log the hours in
>my log book........ bugger

Been there....  I did lots of dual time is CT4's at Wigram, but as the time 
was not officially assigned for pilot training I couldn't  log it :(

>now i have a csu endorsement i cant get the time to get to the field to take
>it out for a fly , but the owner is having some serious medical problems at
>the moment and c.a.s.a decided to pull his medical off him , apparently kemo
>therapy is a verry bad thing to under go whilst having a pilots licence....

Yeah, they are funny about stuff like that.  I have a friend who had his 
licence pulled when his ex-wife rang CAA and "claimed" that he had suffered 
a heart attack.  Now, years later, he is still trying to prove that he didn't!

>but any way i think they are a lovley plane to fly either civial or mil
>varients , plenty of HP under the hood but a wierd ass stick setup which
>took some time to get used to when looping or doing a barrell roll, having
>my hand off centre to the right was a bit unnatural , i'm used to a
>conventional stick between ya nuts when dooing aero's .

I will admit that the CT4/a was cooler for aero's with a conventional stick 
setup (complete with B8 grip <g>), but once you got used to the Airtourer 
"tiller" it wasn't bad.  You get used to doing aileron rolls with the stick 
"away" from you... much easier than pulling it across towards you :)
But in hot weather I'd tae the tourer over the trainer *any* day.  At least 
you could slide the canopy open while taxiing! The trainer, with it's  rear 
hinged canopy, had to be shut down prior to opening the lid... not good on 
a hot Canterbury summers day <lol>

Ahhh memories!

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