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Ben Jones bjones at pipecomp.com.au
Mon Nov 17 18:41:43 PST 2003


Not really a aircraft i can fly all the time , a friend of the family has
one the airfield where me and dad have our aircraft ( whell his anyway)

i have about 6.5 hours flying the ct4, but at the time of flying it i never
had a CSU endorsement on my licemce so i couldn't legally log the hours in
my log book........ bugger

now i have a csu endorsement i cant get the time to get to the field to take
it out for a fly , but the owner is having some serious medical problems at
the moment and c.a.s.a decided to pull his medical off him , apparently kemo
therapy is a verry bad thing to under go whilst having a pilots licence....

but any way i think they are a lovley plane to fly either civial or mil
varients , plenty of HP under the hood but a wierd ass stick setup which
took some time to get used to when looping or doing a barrell roll, having
my hand off centre to the right was a bit unnatural , i'm used to a
conventional stick between ya nuts when dooing aero's .

bjones at pipecomp.com.au

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> Ahhhhh... Airtourers are NICE little aeroplanes :)  I flew T5's at RNZAF
> Wigram, and a T3a here in Masterton.. The T5 was cool, 160Hp with CSU, and
> better verticle penetration than the CT4/a which had 210Hp, but added
> something like 300lb's
> Do you fly 'Tourers Ben?
> Sean.

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