[simpits-chat] Mmmm, sexy....

Matt Bailey simpits-chat@simpits.org
Tue, 27 May 2003 23:26:06 -0500

On Tuesday 27 May 2003 02:10 pm, you wrote:
> Well, there is more than one type of historic space capsule, and more than
> one person tinkering around with doing one, and we each are doing a
> different capsule, so confusion was bound to arise somewhere :) Mine just
> happens to be the grand-daddy of them all :)
> Speaking of which, I've already made good progress on the new model. I
> think a lot of the time spent building the old ones were really developing
> technique rather than the actual task of modeling. So hopefully I'll have
> it back in no time - and better! I'm going about it a completely different
> way this time, which should, if all goes well, allow me to save a lot of
> time on texturing, using many small textures rather than one huge one. Hard
> to explain, but this could end up being a substantially better way to go.
> So I guess there are some surprise benefits to being a dumbass.

	Hmm, guess I gotta see it to understand.
> Brian
> PS - I also hadnt updated my video drivers in a while. Turns out the latest
> from NVidea allows multiple desktops and many other very nice goodies. So
> I'm having fun with that, too :)

	Multiple desktops, there's a novel idea. Wait.....oh yeah, XFree86 (Linux 
graphics server) already does that by default. :)

	-Matt Bailey