[simpits-chat] Dr. Fun III

Stig Joergensen simpits-chat@simpits.org
Sat, 15 Mar 2003 02:55:45 +0100

First off - I don't take it personaly - i like a good discussion, and i
like to get to know ppl. and i hope you are not offended by my posting -
if you are, please let me know....

---If a country has a policy of harboring toerrorist or allowing
training, you bet ,
I would unleash a wrath of hell on them, you are right we are not
willing to pay 6 bucks a gallon, nor will we, because all of the euros
do not mind being bent over and gouged, you all have representative
goverments, why do you continue to
elect officials that put 300% taxes on everything you use, your problem,
not ours.
Colin Powell laid Iraqi connections out for the world at the UN meeting
on Feb 14th, he didnt make the case for you, I'm sorry, sounded like he
knew what he was talkiing about to me, I listened live to it and reread
the transscrpts, it was no coincidence Abu Nidal was killed in Iraq,
where he lived the last 15 years, you do know who Abu Nidal is?

STJ: We accept the taxes, becuase freedom and our benefits have a prise
tag, and we are willing to pay for those things, in denmark we could
have had all the oil at a very low prise (we are producing more than we
need), but then OPEC will - i don't know - some how stop us......

back to the war:

 I try to watch every ting on the this crissis, mostly because the
outcome of this might be horrifying and this may have the potential of a
if not nuclear/cemical/biological then atleast global ramifications -
and i don't know mush about Abu Nidal except he is a "offspring" of the
the PLO and lead some 30 terror missions, but say if the danish
govornorment knew about a a terrorist living in denmark, would you
sanction a war against denmark? i mean; because of govenorment you can
not hold an entire nation hostage - and what about the terrorists that
lives in the US, should we start bombing you becuase of that - no i
don't think so - we must only target thoses endividuals that aid these
terrorists not entiere nations..

---Both Houses of Congress passed a resolution giving President Bush
authority to
go to war against Iraq 3 months ago, that is NOT one person having the
power to erase a nation, The United States is not bound by any world
court, as much as the euros wish it were so, it is bound to the US
Constitution only. What do you mean by slaughter a nation, you think
Sadam has been throwing a celebration in Iraq the last 30 years? 1441
warned Iraq there would be grave consequences if Iraq did not disarm,
the same stipulations were in the Ceasefire presented to Iraq at the end
of the first Gulf War. Why has Sadam not disarmed? Maybe because the UN
is toothless? As for a slaughter of a nation, where in history has
America slaughtered a nation? There will be many Iraqi military
casualties just like the first war, civilian casualties will most likely
be light, just like the first gulf war. Enemy combatants can lay down
arms anytime to avoid being a cassualty.  It was a grisly war, I saw it
up close, I was there with the 1st MarDiv. The choice for war lays in
Sadms lap, has for quite some time, diplomacy has met a dead end.

STJ: this is were i disagree, a single country can not expect the
entiere world to standby while this country go and "secure" there way of
live, and incident of this magnitude effects us all and don't we have
anything to say about it? that is very egoistics - you must considder
the lives of every ppl that is affected by this not just your

---Sadam has had 12 years to be removed by internal forces or the UN,
its not going to happen, if President Bush says they are a threat to our
national security, along w/ Colin Powell and Tony Blair, I will believe
them until it is proven otherwise, so far for me , it hasnt been proven
otherwise and I do not like the idea of setting around to see if they
are proven right. 

STJ: First of - i sumit to you that Sadam is not the only problem here,
if he were, he was removed a long time ago, the sentence "know you
enemy" comes to mind - if you remove Sadam, some one else will take his
place - and that might not be better, becuase we don't know him.

--Stig, head over to Cspan website and watch his speech to the UN in

I think the euro newsmedia is spoonfeeding a perception of the President
reflect their own views, nah, that couldnt be so.

STJ: i don't know if you are being sarcastics here  - but i think so.
the majority of my news comes from CNN and the internet, and i don't
think the political arena in eoru-country is blinded by euro-news either
- or at least i hope not - they to must have a CIA / PET / MI5 or 6  or
what ever there inteligence service is called...

sorry for the tone of the response, it is not to be taken personal, more
a reflection
of my mindset at the moment, also, I do have a dog in this fight, my son
is currently in his fifth week of bootcamp at Parris Island , SC, he
like his ole man will most likely be in the desert, beating the same

STJ: I hope it will not come this, i still think that we should give the
weapon inspectors more time - but how much more i don't know... and
Sadam must be convinced that war is comming unless, he don't ask "how
high" when we say jump ......