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As for the Israeli conflict - 2 years ago we offered them 98% of the
territory and part of Jerusalem and a few other things i can't recall now,
they rejected it !!! , and if you see unbiased news you'll see that all of
the suicide bombings are followed by religious letters and all the sounding
nations Muslims are justifying the acts for religious reasons.


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Again, both of these cases are people bastardizing a religion to justify
their personal goals. Osama Bin Laden claims a jihad against America, when
almost all Muslim scholars say that he has no authority to make such a
claim. Most also are very adamant that these acts are extremely immoral and

NOT supported by the Koran, as he claims. It would be one thing if he hated

America because of it being predominately christian, but last I checked
thats not why he hates us. Most of the reasons you see go along the lines
us supporting Israel, the whole globalization issue, ect ect ect. Doesn't
sound like religious motivation to me. Sounds awfully political. His
JUSTIFICATION may be religious, but not his reason for fighting.

Same goes for the whole Israeli problem. If some third party said, "Hey,
Michigan is now a sovereign nation for the Ojibwa, and you have to leave"
I'd be pretty damn pissed, too. I'd start fighting. But it would have
nothing to do with religion.

I'm not saying religion is always in the right, or that is hasnt caused
problems. What I am saying is that true purely religious wars are a helluva

lot rarer than most people think. I'd say penis envy causes more wars than

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just to remind you Brian - 9/11 and all the bombing against the US all
around the world ?
and all of the bombings in Israel,


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