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 While religious wars are being fought even today across Pakistan and India.
Just how much can we take of people having food problems, what with one of
them screaming about how they are unclean for eating pig and the other
screaming about them eating the flesh of a sacred cow? I really dislike
sweet potatoes but I will not declare war on anyone for eating them.

Historically speaking American's have entered into wars late and saved the
world on two occasions from Evil empires. Today we have to face facts that
our friends are not always going to back us. Especially when the French are
involved. They make a perfect case for proof that what governments do may
not be what the country wishes done. The French at this time have domestic
agendas that puzzle the American citizenry. Apparently Americans don't have
a good grasp as to what GWB is doing either, anyone care to explain in
simple terms, please use small words.

The American Congress today went so far as to actually go to vote on
changing the name of French fries to Freedom fries. Why they feel the need
to waste both their and our time with such ridiculous crap is beyond me.
Given their recent penchant for naming things after Ronald Reagan I was
surprised the didn't name them Ronald Reagan Fries.(Would you like a Jacques
Ciraqe with that?) We seem bent upon French bashing today, I heard recently
that one of our foreign ministers said something to the effect of if France
blocks the resolution the US will consider it an unfriendly act. I mentioned
this in passing to a friend. He brought this up while waiting in line at the
bank the other day and someone else standing in line said does this mean we
can invade Quebec? Where does it end?

Today this nation is trying to push forward on isolating and disarming a
real potential problem, Iraq. We do not need to go into the litany of things
that Saddam Hussein has done. A nation like France which immediately pushed
forward a rumor that all of the Jews were out of the World Trade Center
Towers the day of the attack. Has managed to convince much of the Arab world
of this being a truth. France seems to be a hotbed of conspiracy theorist,
must be the water. The middle East has been fed upon anti Jewish propaganda
for so long the people believe the information.Who says subliminal messaging
doesn't work. ( I am getting out my tin foil hat) Israel is not blameless
but when you have the enemy living within your borders how are you to
respond. Don't tell me that the United Nations which granted Israel it's
statehood in the first place will protect it. Historically them haven't done
much other than pass resolutions condemning their actions. Today we are
faced with the knowledge that Iran which called the US the Great Satan just
a few years ago is building nukes. Korea is building nukes, Pakistan has
nukes, India has nukes. France has nukes as well. When will we wake up and
realize that the cold war is over and the world is even more dangerous today
with all of the nations building their own nuclear arms. Where would you
point your guns today? No I don't think we need to point them at France.

If the problem wasn't religion it was racial as the cause for war. World war
I was the result of a domino theory gone to hell in a hand basket. If you
attack the nation that I have a defense pact with then I will attack you. A
Serbian national kills the prince of Austria forcing a chain reaction of
events that ends with Germany invading France. France gets overrun by
foreign nationals to defend it as the French were entirely incapable of
defending their own land. America rides in to save the day a bit later but
welcome fodder to the slaughter. In the Second World war we find Germany
convinced of their own superiority marching on everybody they felt was less
than human.Again Germany over run France, France surrenders this time it
didn't take them much time to do this, it is easier to negotiate with your
enemy when they are in your capitol city after all.  Japan which has always
had a high opinion of their own place under the sun finds itself a major
world player( thanks to a couple of well thought out lies) surrounded by
those they thought less than human so they set upon a course of action
exterminating everyone they came upon. Don't believe it ask any Korean or
Chinese people about the treatment of their people under Japanese
occupation.. People can't we all just get along. (I love that line.)

We have just about worn out this conversation on Simpits. I know that I
helped by tossing gasoline onto the fire, but as I stated previously, I now
return you to our previously scheduled programming.

Keep 'em Flying
Rob Hommel
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> Or money, or power, or fame... etc etc etc. People talk about all the wars
> religion has caused, but last I checked neither of the World Wars had
> anything to do with religion... ok, WWII wasn't ENTIRELY secular, but
> considering we didnt really know about the death camps until far into the
> war, I think we can safely say it was more about stopping Hitler's roll
> across Europe, and his reasons for doing THAT were personal/political.
> I'd say its high time to stop blaming the "reasons" for crime, war, etc
> etc and start putting it back on the people who actually cause it. People
> talk about, for example, a right-wing Christian extremist who blows up an
> abortion clinic. I'd say his being a right-wing Christian extremist has a
> lot less to do with it than his being a complete and utter evil jackass.
> put it lightly, of course. People find all sorts of justifications and
> cop-outs, but it in the end we're all responsible for our own actions.
> Religion has never been the cause of anything - its peoples own misguided
> twistings of what they think their religion says, twisted to suit their
> impulses.
> Just my $.02, I'll shut up now.
> Brian
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> Once had a History professor in college tell us "There is no crime so
> heinous that hasn't been committed in the name of God".  If you think long
> and hard about it, he's right.
> Jay
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