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just to remind you Brian - 9/11 and all the bombing against the US all
around the world ?
and all of the bombings in Israel,


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Or money, or power, or fame... etc etc etc. People talk about all the wars
religion has caused, but last I checked neither of the World Wars had
anything to do with religion... ok, WWII wasn't ENTIRELY secular, but
considering we didnt really know about the death camps until far into the
war, I think we can safely say it was more about stopping Hitler's roll
across Europe, and his reasons for doing THAT were personal/political.

I'd say its high time to stop blaming the "reasons" for crime, war, etc etc

etc and start putting it back on the people who actually cause it. People
talk about, for example, a right-wing Christian extremist who blows up an
abortion clinic. I'd say his being a right-wing Christian extremist has a
lot less to do with it than his being a complete and utter evil jackass. To

put it lightly, of course. People find all sorts of justifications and
cop-outs, but it in the end we're all responsible for our own actions.
Religion has never been the cause of anything - its peoples own misguided
twistings of what they think their religion says, twisted to suit their own


Just my $.02, I'll shut up now.

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Once had a History professor in college tell us "There is no crime so
heinous that hasn't been committed in the name of God".  If you think long
and hard about it, he's right.


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