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I'm surprised immigrants in Australia have time to slander the military.
They should be more worried that just about every other form of life down
there are more likely to kill them that the military getting into a war.


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> On Fri, 7 Mar 2003, John P. Miguez wrote:
> > Be wise.  Do not belittle what you do not understand.  Just because
> > bastardize religion in to something evil, does not mean that it isn't
> > For many people it is a source of strength and goodness.
> >

If it was nor for fernatical religious beliefs all around the world :

1.     Many millions of military personell around the world would be out of
a job !
2.    I would not be a constant target when i am uniform in public to
slander from immigrants who we let into our country , because there
country's have been torn apart by religion fighting ( we give them a home
then they attack us for being kind)
3.     I  would have not sworn a oath to my queen and country to protect our
borders from undersiable people, beliefs and actions

these are my own views

my $0.02 worth

Australian Defence Force Member

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