[simpits-chat] Website update...

Sean Galbraith simpits-chat@simpits.org
Wed, 16 Jul 2003 21:57:58 +1200

>Ok, here I go extending promises again, but I can include an ARC-159 Edge
>lit panel for you brand new with the Escapac parts.

Mate! That would be bloody awesome!

>And so true about modelers messing up by having A-7 style canopy breakers,
>or just the wrong kind of black and yellow markings on their face curtian
>and lower ejection handles!

Yup, how many times I've had *that* discussion with various 
modellers!  Funny thing is, they do all the research in the world for paint 
schemes and markings, yet do nothing on details like the cockpit and 
seat!  I recently saw a very VERY nice A-4k "Kahu" with all the new lumps 
and antennae, but he had an A-7 seat and an E model glareshield and 
gunsight... NO HUD!!!
Speaking of model detailing... I am working on a decal set for a Kahu 
cockpit.  Correct console layouts and panel details.  Interesting project, 
and a good use of the detail drawings I've been doing as part of my cockpit 
project :)
Some of the units are at least standard, so the research has been easier 
APX-100, ARC-159, TACAN etc but some are A-4k only parts and have been a 
bunch harder!  I got an A-4g console drawing which helped with the few 
original A-4e/f panels, but there has been a lot of cross-referencing of 
blurry photos and even rougher sketches ;-)

>I am actually up right now as I cannot sleep, tonight is like the night
>before Christmas, and my mind wont quit racing about tommorow.

Really.. huh?  Would *never* have guessed that ;-)

>As for living in the right side of the world or at least right hemisphere, I
>dont think you can go to wrong calling NZ your home. NZ is a gorgeous,
>exotic place for which the only thing wrong that I can associate with NZ is
>the awful decision to chunk your Skyhawks. Other than that, you are doing
>pretty good!
>At least you are keeping the Kiwi Skyhawk vision alive!

Yeah it's not a bad place, just a bit remote from the cool hardware.  Given 
the choice of any place on earth to live, *right_here* would be right up 
there with... Your garage, or Genes :)

Scrapping our A-4's was a huge mistake, and only done so that the 
politicians could justify the expense of buying 2 757's for carting them 
around the place.  Oh and so that they could sell off an Air Force Base 
which just happens to be prime real-estate!
I knew the writing was on the wall when they got into power and announced 
that there would be a new "Minister for Dis-Armament"

Sean <who is lazing around watching TV... with laptop at the ready>