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Chris Woodul simpits-chat@simpits.org
Wed, 16 Jul 2003 01:17:42 -0500

Hi Sean,

Ok, here I go extending promises again, but I can include an ARC-159 Edge
lit panel for you brand new with the Escapac parts.
And so true about modelers messing up by having A-7 style canopy breakers,
or just the wrong kind of black and yellow markings on their face curtian
and lower ejection handles!
I am actually up right now as I cannot sleep, tonight is like the night
before Christmas, and my mind wont quit racing about tommorow.
As for living in the right side of the world or at least right hemisphere, I
dont think you can go to wrong calling NZ your home. NZ is a gorgeous,
exotic place for which the only thing wrong that I can associate with NZ is
the awful decision to chunk your Skyhawks. Other than that, you are doing
pretty good!
At least you are keeping the Kiwi Skyhawk vision alive!


Chris W

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> At 07:41 PM 7/15/03 -0500, you wrote:
> >The escapac on Ebay is specific to the Martin B-57. The seller has thrown
> >many other models which indeed used Escapacs, but this is a sub variant
> >which has a wider bucket, different face curtain handles as well as lower
> >ejection handles.
> Even model detail makers get that wrong ;-)  I have seen sooo many super
> detailed A-4 models which are absolutely exquisite, but have canopy
> breakers on the Escapac... AND they never get picked up by the "expert"
> judges! <sigh>
> >I did get the call today that confirms the equipment, and cockpit that I
> >mentioned before. I am going to go pick it up sometime tommrow ( if that
> >works for the folks sending it our way)
> >I will take many pictures upon them being in our possesion. There are
> >objects behind this lot, so I am fairly excited. I am also quickly
> >out of space.
> .... awaiting the pictures, just so that I can confirm once and for all,
> that I am in the wrong job/country/hemsiphere!
> Oh and, before anyone else offers... I have a ton of space here... an
> module would look good about <points> there ;-)
> >Sean, can you email me a picture of your ARC-159?
> Well when it *looks* like an ARC-159 I'll do that... at present it is a PC
> board with LED's on it.. oh and an un-painted face plate.
> Sean.
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