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Tue, 15 Jul 2003 07:31:42 -0500

Hi Sean,

I have forgoten all about sending you some toys. I need to dig out those
Escapac handles I said you could have. Its been really busy up here, and I
usually just suffer from the occasional brain fart.I am going to have to do
a re-organization of my garage here very soon to make room for some of this
stuff. I will get into those boxes when I do. Ill contact you when I have a
lock on to those parts. Same goes for Gene and his stby air speed indicator
( but he may have already found another)

Keep on building!


Chris W

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> >Just a teaser on good hunting lately:
> >T-38 cockpit ( front and aft) came in right before I went to Paris
> >T-37 cockpits ( full up complete from Link Simulators) are almost here
> >Complete F-111E AMP Crew Module will be picked up later this week ( this
> >makes Three the total number of complete capsules, and five total
> >in collection)
> >500lbs of new F-111and F-16 instrumentation
> >Two more ACES II's
> >One more Stencel Ejection Seat
> <sigh>
> That's more equipment than our entire Air Force down 'ere!!!
> The big <sad> news in NZ is that the dream is finally over, the A-4's have
> been sold.  ATSI has bought the whole shooting box.  At least they will
> them in the way God (for you F-16 driving weenies that means MACAIR!)
> intended ;-)
> On a a *far* brighter note, I got my first ACCIS modules for the A-4, so I
> have a nice ARC-159, APX-100 and TACAN working now... just have to hook up
> the rotary encoders and momentaries and I am ready to bolt them into the
> pit!  Yeeeeeha!
> Sean.
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