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I personally know a guy who years ago hand started a dehaviland tiger moth
after the engine fired into life he walked backwards facing the engine  went
around the prop pulled the two ropes and held up the chocks to let the pilot
know they were removed. the pilot acknoledged this by Saluting the starter ,
so the starter waived with his left hand and lost 3 fingers as he lifted his
hand into the prop arc.


all over within a split second

this worries me and is always in the back of my  mind as i am forever
handstarting aircraft with flat batteries and homebuilts with no starter




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> Allen
> This is not an unusual accident and while it doesn't happen everyday it
> happen frequently. There is even cases of what is described as hypnosis
> folks simply walk into the prop and they can see it. An ex-soldier who I
> know while serving with the US Army in Viet Nam told me of an incident in
> which a friend walked into the tail rotor of a huey and a second soldier
> just followed him into it.
> The world of aviation is fraught with hazards and people need to be
> when moving among aircraft.
> Keep 'em Flying
> Rob Hommel
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