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I love the liquid nitrogen containers. I have tried again and again to
convince Gene that we need at least one for the lab. My feeling is that no
lab is complete without one. I used to have all sorts of marvelous fun with
leftovers found in the lab refrigerators at night. The liquid nitrogen was
also found to be a very good method for removing ants found in the lab in
the springtime. I don't want to tell folks about the dangers involved with
working with vacuum the thickness of the wall of your chamber should speak
for itself. The wall thickness is a good indicator of how much pressure it
can withstand. The number of lab accidents involving vacuum equipment is
scary. It's still safer than working around radioactive stuff thankfully.
One lab that I worked at when the alarms went off we never knew if it was a
fire alarm or radiation leak they used the same alarms. If the door was
closed in some areas of the building you didn't enter.

Keep 'em Flying
Rob Hommel
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> Hey Guys,
> I've made a "virtual tour" for the lab I work at to try and explain it to
> some of my friends. Thought some of you might be interested as well:
> http://www.me.mtu.edu/~bjsikkem/ASPL/
> BTW, little background, the Advanced Space Propulsion Lab at Michigan Tech
> is a lab devoted to testing Ion Thrusters and the various systems
> with them.
> Brian
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