[simpits-chat] Tech...

Gene Buckle simpits-chat@simpits.org
Mon, 24 Feb 2003 07:22:29 -0800 (PST)

> Problem is half the time that doesn't work, you have to screw around with
> the makefile to get it to work for your specific system, or track down
> dependencies you don't have and get THEM installed in the right place. And
> don't get me started on trying to get things working on a system where you
> dont HAVE SU. RPMs make things nicer, but aren't 100%, either. That's
1. I've *never* had a configure & make fail for any reason other than my
lack of RTFM.

2. If you don't have root access (su), you should try installing software
on that machine anyway.  It's not yours. :)

> software. But noone in the *nix world seems to want to do that for their
> software. Probably because they know it wouldnt work 90% of the time,
> because there would be some adjustment to make.

Man, what an attitude. Did you get mugged by SCO Unix reseller or
something?  Your arguments come right from the Book of FUD, not fact.

FYI, Borland Kylix (Delphi & BCB++ Linux) comes with a very nice installer
and worked as expected on a system (Mandrake) that wasn't on the
"approved" list.