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Gene Buckle simpits-chat@simpits.org
Tue, 18 Feb 2003 13:37:54 -0800 (PST)

Brian, send me the message header so I can take a look at it.  Yes, it's
easy to spoof an ip address.  It's done all the time in denial of service

Since Win98 has no security to speak of, anyone with physical access to
the machine could comprimise it.

In my opinion, trying to accuse you of "computer misuse/fraud" for
subscribing someone to a mailing list is absurd.  Also, every mailing list
that I'm on required me to submit a confirmation email to verify the
authenticity of the subscription request.  Tell me what the list address
is and I'll verify whether or not this "raunch" list has that policy.  If
they do, someone with access to the Dean of Students' email account
subscribed (her) to the list.


On Tue, 18 Feb 2003, Brian Sikkema wrote:

> Hey Guys,
> This is way OT, even for the chat list, but I need some serious advice here.
> Thursday the school shut off my network connection, and told me to go to the
> deans office. I thought I had been busted for copyright violations (mp3s),
> but today I got my official letter stating the charges:
> Sexual harassment and computer misuse/fraud.
> Talk about a wake-up call!!! Anyway, I had a meeting today at 2:30 to
> discuss the sitation, where they provided me with the evidence against me.
> Someone subscribed the dean of students to a raunchy mailing list, and they
> traced the subscribing command back to my IP. So here's my question:
> How possible/likely would it be for someone to either spoof my IP in the
> subscription request, or hack my computer and make the subscription from
> there? I was running '98 at the time (I dual boot), but I do not have
> outlook or any other mail programs installed. So, what's your technical
> oppinion? I know I didn't do it, but I'm hoping to come up with some
> evidence to support my theories. My hearing is 2:30 on Thursday (EST).
> All help appreciated!
> Brian
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