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Hi Joseph,  
                the turbines have mounting lugs on each side that are
used to mount the units in the air frame , all you may have to do have
to do is adjust the engine mounts in the air frame. I have just finished
building a viper and will put one of the turbines in this model , the
other turbine will go in my F-4 when finished. these models are not
quite as big as the F-15 , the viper being 67"long and 44" wingspan, the
F-4 is 56"long and 43 " wing span both will weigh in the region of 12 /
14 pounds.
The turbines are not for the beginner as all the parts are machined to
very close tolerance for obvious reasons, I think you can now buy a self
assembly turbine kit ,that when complete is returned to the manufacture
to be balanced, don't quote me on this, I have been out of the model
scene a few years. The dimensions of the turbines are 90 mm diameter and
150mm long.
hope this helps you