[simpits-chat] Long time in coming

Rob Hommel rhommel at tacoma.net
Wed Dec 10 20:58:05 PST 2003


Not a problem. I would most likely get into trouble with it, doing 
something entirely foolish like making huge front surface mirrors for 
"mysterious" purposes. Deer spotting airliners anyone? Any spare tanks 
of N2 around the lab your not using I will take off your hands. Cryonics 
is an interesting subject even if you are just planning to use the N2 to 
clean pesky insects out of the shop. umm.. Giant Dewer flask needed, 
perhaps ebay.

I really need to find a real reason to have toys like that around. I 
know a giant scanning electron microscope. How big was that old vacuum 
chamber again? Ever burn a hole in a grasshopper with an electron 
microscope? I was surprised to find titanium in the sample I tested 
years ago.

How goes the rocket science these days Brian?

Keep 'em Flying
Rob Hommel

Brian Sikkema wrote:
> Lol. Sorry, Rob, we still use our other tank. As a matter of fact, Dean
> should be in the lab in a couple of hours to start pumping down for our next
> test. The new tank is for our upcoming work with bismuth thrusters, we'll
> keep using the old tank for all our xenon and krypton work. Sorry to
> dissapoint! ;)
> Brian
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>>If you are finished with the old one you can drop it off at Genes' place
>>I will put it to a good use. Anyone got a good supplier for liquid
>>nitrogen and a spare N2 tank?
>>Keep 'em Flying
>>Rob Hommel
>>Brian Sikkema wrote:
>>>So yeah, I kept forgetting and kept forgetting, but here are the
>>>pictures of the new vacuum chamber we got in the lab in early november:
>>>Muhahahahahah! :)
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