[simpits-chat] OT, but curious

Brian Sikkema simpits-chat@simpits.org
Thu, 10 Apr 2003 11:40:36 +0000

>Your pics look good, hard to tell a lot from the small size of course.
If you click on a picture, there is a button for "preview" that gives a 
larger view of the pictures (with a big copyright watermark over it, of 

>Yeow, kinda pricey aren't they? :)
Not really. These ARE high-res 8x10s, all it takes is a good printer and 
some photo paper and its on your wall. I was actually kind of surprised, for 
books Lulu also has the option, along with viewing online and getting a CD, 
to buy a physical copy. I was hoping the same was true for the pictures, but 
I guess not. At any rate, there are plenty of pictures there that are a lot 
more pricey.

>What kinda gear you use? Common consumer camera, or fancy pro rig?
Minolta Maxxum 5. Not really a "fancy pro rig," but more advanced than the 
average person would tend to have. It's a pretty decent SLR, does what I 
want it to do. Now I just need to get some more accessories, lenses, etc.


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