Boeing 737 Sim        by  Gene Buckle  and  Rob Hommel
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Welcome to the Conductron/Missouri 737 Flight Simulator.

This picture shows the computer system of the Vital II video system that the simulator uses.
I don't recall the resoution, but I think it's 320x200.  The system holds scene data on
8" floppy drives.  It has 64K of RAM.

This is the front panel of the scene computer.  You can see the two 8" floppy drives at the
top of the cabinet, as well as the front panel for the computer itself.  There are no terminals
connected to this computer.  Any exterior input is done here at the front panel.

This is a Compaq Deskpro.  8088 6Mhz CPU, 512K of ram.
The computer is used as a virtual paper tape system by way of a hand-built, 
wire-wrapped full length ISA card inside.



Copyright © 2000  Gene Buckle and Rob Hommel