Boeing 737 Trainer       by  Gene Buckle  and  Rob Hommel
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This is the instructor panel for the 737 Cockpit Procedures Trainer.  From this panel, the instructor can configure various situations for the flight crew to deal with, as well as doing other systems configuration in preparation for a training session.

This is the overhead panel in the 737 CPT.  I'll add descriptions of the various panels later.

Captain's side of the flight deck.  You can see a much better picture of the steering tiller here, but some ham-fisted pilot wannabe has broken the mechanism.  It's not supposed to hang like that.  It was probably the same joker that broke the clipboard mount in the center of the yoke.  You'd think spending the kind of money this training requires, they'd learn a *little* respect for the tools they have to use.  On the yoke, you can see the red auto pilot disconnect button on the left rams horn.  Right above that are the trim switches.  The right rams horn contains a 3 digit manually operated display.  Pilots will typically use this to record a heading they've recently been given by ATC>

Here you can see (from left to right)
Airspeed indicator - you'll notice the pink (red actually) bits obscuring parts of the instrument.  This is the "inop" flags.  They're meant to give the pilot a visual indication that the instrument has either failed completely, or there is no power available to it.
The next instrument is the ADI.  If you've read the 727 CPT pages, already know what this does.  I described what the instrument looks like in a powered off state, and here you can see what it really looks like.
Right below the ADI is the HSI, again with the "off" flag visible.

To the right of the ADI is the altimeter and radar altimeter - both with "off" flags showing.

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