Boeing 727 Sim        by   Gene Buckle  and  Rob Hommel
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This is the Vital I video computer for the 727 simulator.  The computer is a Varian Data Systems computer, which I think at the time was a subsidiary of Sperry-Univac (1966)
The gray shape to the lower left of the image is a 20 milliamp current-loop (predecesor to RS-232) teletype terminal.  This is used to communicate with the computer instead of using the
front panel switches.

Here is a good closeup of the 727's simulator computer.

I'm sorry that I don't have any images of the 727 simulator itself, but I ran out of space on the
flash disk the camera used.

Gene Buckle
May 5th, 2000

Copyright © 2000  Gene Buckle and Rob Hommel