Boeing 727 Trainer       by  Gene Buckle  and  Rob Hommel
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This is the exterior of the 727 CPT or Cockpit Procedures Trainer.  This is a non-flying simulator that allows the flight crew to learn "switchology" and to practice procedures that don't require a full simulator.

A side view of the CPT.  The exterior fuselage shape is made of a textured fiberglass and the "instructor box" is made of plywood sheeting and 1x1s for structure.

The CPT flight deck.  The windows are made of 1/8" milky white plexiglass.

In this view, you can see that system power has been applied - the ADIs are showing "normal".  When the power is off to the CPT, both ADIs are at a 90 degree angle to the horizon and the GS, LOC and OFF flags are showing.  When power is applied, they rotate into the "normal" position.  They really don't show bank angles or anything like that since this is a non-flying system.

Copyright © 2000  Gene Buckle and Rob Hommel