Hardware Information, Suppliers & Support

Mike’s Flight Deck Books

Home of Building Simulated Aircraft Instrumentation.  A great reference!

PHCC (PIC HomeCockpit Controller)

Fully Open Source hardware interface!

Beta Innovations Software/Documentation Mirror

Software & Hardware documentation on the now-defunct Beta Innovations line of hardware interface products.

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  1. […] added a new page where links to hardware suppliers and information will reside.  It’s called Hardware Information, Suppliers & Support and can be found in the column to the […]

  2. Howard Christian says:

    hi guys, can anyone point me to where I might be able to pickup items like lining accessories. Airvents, Map Holders, Cup holders, Grab Handles etc.
    All the little bits & pieces.

    Also, can anyone tell me exactly what all the various holes are around the cockpit roof lining. I don’t know if they are air vents or lighting or what some of these are but they are some wierd shapes.


  3. Petri Toivonen says:

    How about designing PHCC like motherboard around PIC18F2550/4550 or similar USB ready chip? It is a pain in the ass to get FTDI chips because all of those arduino hobbyists, and FTDI chips are also expensive. In Finland i mean.

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