What is EPIC ?     by     Martin "Pogo" Ingold

EPIC (Extended Programmable Interface Card) is the best thing you can buy when you want to build a cockpit. It's basically a Joystick Card, but it has a lot more possibilities. EPIC consists of a basic card that needs to be plugged into a ISA slot on your Motherboard. Together with the EPIC card you'll need to buy an expansion module. This module connects to the base card thru a 37-pin wire. Then you can add several other modules and connect them via the expansion bus found on the expansion module. That way you can daisy-chain all the modules in a neat and handy way. Here are the modules you currently can add:

Used for
Expansion module

connectors for FLCS, RCS, standard joysticks, and EPIC expansion bus; provides access to analogs 0-15, 304 buttons, and EPIC expansion bus (required for additional modules). 

32 point output module

32 single-bit outputs for controlling LED's, lights, buzzers, etc. Documentation

32 digital display controller

This module allows you to controll 32 7 segment displays. You can daisy-chain 4 of these controllers. Documentation

Rotary module

Supports 20 rotarys (2 phase mechanical, 2 phase optical, ALPS CW/CWW switches) and 4 optical 16 bit joysticks. PDF file (503KB) 

Gauge & Meter module

Supports air core milliamp movement meters. For air speed, fuel levels, oil pressure...Requires sim program to communicate with EPIC. PDF file and Documentation


EPIC Modular Distribution Architecture. Manufactured by CSI Cockpit Simulations. Keep your wiring neat and easy. 

I know that this card isn't the cheapest one you can find. But when you consider the possibilities you have with it, it's really worth it's price. EPIC also has it's own programming language called EPL. With this language you have a very powerful tool to control the action each button will do when you press or release it. Click here to see a small part of my EPL file for the F-22/TQS combo.
Copyright 2000 Martin Ingold