[simpits-chat] OT, but curious

Matt Bailey simpits-chat@simpits.org
Thu, 10 Apr 2008 00:17:54 -0500

Hey, that site looks interesting, I might actually have an excuse to do 
"traditional" graphics now instead of always making art that does 
something (ie, simulator graphics). :)

Your pics look good, hard to tell a lot from the small size of course. 
Yeow, kinda pricey aren't they? :) What kinda gear you use? Common 
consumer camera, or fancy pro rig?

Sorry if this comes as HTML, how do you set it to plain text in Mozilla 

    -Matt Bailey

Brian Sikkema wrote:

> Hey Guys,
> A really OT thing for ya here, but I'm looking for some general 
> feedback on something and I figure hey, they may not be entirely sane, 
> and I wouldn't trust them with any of my valuables, but the simpits 
> guys generally speak their mind without any reservations! ;) And if 
> there's one thing they love, it's giving feedback!
> So anyway, here's the deal. I've been into photography for a while 
> now, although I've never had the time to put into it that I'd like. 
> Well we've got an art festival coming up here at Tech, and I'm 
> submitting some of my pictures. And then today I was poking around on 
> the Sherman tank site again (I'm sorry, that thing is just TOO cool) 
> and I see he's selling plans through a site called Lulu.com. It's a 
> service that lets authors and photographers sell their work, and best 
> of all it's free, Lulu takes some of the profit (not too much, 
> actually) when you sell something, but other than that there's no 
> cost. So if you don't sell anything, its a bummer, but you're not out 
> anything. And seeing as you're not paying for 10,000 copies up front 
> and everything is print-on-demand, its really nice for little guys 
> like me.
> Anyway, long story short, I've set up some of my pictures at 
> http://www.lulu.com/BrianSikkema, I think I've got 11 up there right 
> now, and I'm wondering what y'all think. And no, the picture of the 
> striking guy in the tux isn't for sale! (And if you think that's 
> something, you should see the girl that got cropped out of the photo! 
> Yowza!! I wanted to leave her in, but hey, it's my bio, not hers ;). 
> So anyway, if you could drop by and tell me how much I suck, I'd 
> appreciate it. I mean, I can bash myself just fine, but its so much 
> more fun with ammo borrowed from friends! ;)
> Brian